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Be “valentine” familiar

Dating Websites are getting more hits during February for keywords like valentine, match making etc. However there is a huge volume of search towards gifts and gift ideas. Our focus today is on two keywords “valentine gift ideas for him” and “valentine gift ideas for her”. We will discuss about how people search and who is more likely to benefit in terms of web design, development and online business. We will also discuss how to capture this huge market with very low budget.

Search and Trends

Our focus is only on UK market hence we narrow down our stats to UK however this is typical to global trends as well. Looking at search trends of “valentine” word only.


The huge search volume and area clearly show when and where you audience is. We personally think that its fair from this search to say that any valentine related business should be focusing for a better search engine position in January and improve themselves in ranking while they enter February. To give accurtate figure we have performed our two keyword searches on our friendly “internets”.


With massive competition the top 3 results are very relevant and we will discuss them individually later on. Lets see what is in gifts for him.


There is some argument on what keywords to chose to demonstrate our point however we went for normal “the googles” friend suggested trick and got these two very much in similar fashion. The reason behind it was to cover a bit of web design and style presented in each category to see how websites are engaging visitors during February. With data from our clients we know that most people with dating, match making, gifts and cards sites are spending too much over the long period and not focusing on when their customers are looking for you. Please see the trend and make sure you target at right time and right location. There is a reason no body advertises on moon even it has free space for adverts.

Web Design

Advertising is only a small part of this business. Attracting visitors is one thing while making them happy customers is another. We will be discussing some aspects of top 3 sites in terms of subjective matters like design, ease of interactivity and will you buy attitude. So if you dont like anything say it in comments below.


Treathim and treather have been on top and have very similar design so we take it as one. Lovefromme comes on 3rd for “gifts for him” while Valentinegifts come on 3rd for “gifts for her” so we consider them as some examples to discuss on. With easy to use search, nice design, good blend of graphics and text on landing pages, treathim and treather would be getting more traffic as well as less bounce rate over the period of next 15 days. Considering presentation of both websites it appears that someone who visits for the first time will surely spend some time on it to get ideas and might buy. With offers like Free delivery for orders over £40 they might push existing customers to buy multiple items or large value items. They both are using a 0845 number on their site to get phone orders which might put some people off but lets be honest they are a business. The categories and items are well arranged on both sites so we would say this has done well. You might put a rank in comments if you think one is better than another.


valentinegifts looks like it has been a hybrid between some sort of sleek shopping car template and a desktop background with high contract logo. Size of the logo is too big. Search and shopping basket are not following a trend. Well too many things to say here but because this is in 3rd position it can get some traffic but honestly it will have a huge bounce rate in February. When you know you are getting traffic or expecting visitors for certain keywords then obviously you need to do something apart from clapping and telling your friends about it.  Instead of getting benefit they might lose. One big suggestion for people who do not want to spend to much on web development please use existing source from social networks and engage your visitors on such occasions. Its not rocket science to know when is the right time, may be it used to be.


lovefromme is again on 3 generously by google however it appears to us that they have put a cross next to each category giving an overview that their is something wrong here. Although we know what they meant by their ‘x’ but lets be serious, with all this red colour and x there is a huge neural network that knows why red and x is not a good combination for a “yes do it” behaviour. A single graphic change here can make huge difference. Again too much text and not many call to actions which may lead to increased bounce rate. We dont know about others but our mouse feels hesitation clicking on red links. Being on 3rd position is good but not getting any benefit out of it is bad.

Our prediction

From business point of view we think both treathim and treather will do well in Febraury however treather will get more sales as compared to treathim and treathim will have higher bounce rate as well. The lack of social network interactions on both sites cannot harm them however next 15 days are giving them an opportunity to snatch. This can be done Free of cost or spending a small amount on Facebook ads after looking at age groups and other trends at alexa.

Please do give us your comments and ideas on this and if you want to share any websites please do so without hesitation.