This is the potfolio of Muhammad Ali Subhani. The co-owner of and Also available for freelance website design and graphic design. He is master in CSS and Java. Also make photshop manipulated pictures, logos and 3D Animation. He uses photoshop, illustrator and 3D studio max. For web animation he is expert in Flash action script. Professional and quality design websites will be at your server. Just contact Muhammad Ali Subhani now. Portfolio, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, graphic designer, web designer, web development, ASP, php, css, DOM, 3D animation, logo, Subhani, Ali, Farrukh, Nazeefa, Muhammad Ali Subhani, Muhammad Farrukh Subhani, Nazeefa Fatima, Quality Design Services, professional web design, photoshop picture manipulation, 3D interior design, Freelance web designer

Hi, my name is Muhammad Ali Subhani. I am the man send by god. I was On Earth Since (OES) 18th July, 1985. I was born at the beautiful city of Kashmir. I completed my primary and secondary education from I.M.C.B F-8/4 Islamabad, Pakistan. I did Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad. Now I am doing MPhil leading to PhD from The University of Manchester.

My hobbies are to work on computer, play computer games and graphic designing. I started my graphic designing in 1996 when my brother was learning GW Basic. I made scenery and animated fish in GW Basic. As time passed, new software came. I made my first graphical animation i.e. basket ball using Ulead GIF Animator. I made frames in Piant Brush then put then in a sequence to form a small animated gif. Then I introduced my self to photoshop in 2000. At the same time I started using 3D Studio MAX. As I was in college and I had to give time to my studies, I did not save any of my work. When I started my bachelor, I relaized that I have to save my work to make good profile or portfolio. Now I managing my work on my website which I make using CSS style sheet and DOM. I am also learning ActionScript 3.0 and XML. I have worked in each enviroment to understand it. I have basic knowledge of ASP, PHP, JAVA, XML, ACtionScript, HTML, CSS, and C/C++. I am best in Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D Studio MAX. Hmm, also sometime in web development.

On the other hand, I have learned Verilog HDL and MATLAB. I know how to design circuits at transistor level. My favorite subjects in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are Digital Logic Design, System on Chip and Electronic Devices and Circuits.

I hope you find this information useful.