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Search Engine OptimizationGoogle, and its various partners, represent almost half the daily search traffic according to recent data (Search Engine Watch) so for the majority of webmasters, it is important to conduct Google optimization throughout the life of the website. Aside from link building, it is the best possible way of ensuring your site eventually achieves high ranking and full indexing on Google.
While Google's constantly shifting goalposts keeps SEO experts on their toes, no doubt providing both dissatisfaction and an assured living for the predictable future, the fundamentals don't change all that drastically.

A commonsense and ethical approach to keyword selection, link building and site promotion will eventually ensure your site does well in the search engine positions, with a gradual increase in PageRank over time.
While itís true that large corporations and big business can push their results further and faster due to the massive marketing dollars behind these companies, there's no reason why you can't barge your way to the top of the pile with consistent, high quality, well thought out optimization.

The basics of optimization for Google, are the same for all search engines. Appropriate use of keywords in title, keyword and description tags is a good start. Make sure the title and description accurately reflect the theme of each page. After that you move on to the content and making sure that your chosen keywords appear several times within the text.

Google Optimization and Web Standards

Adherence to W3C standards on CSS and XHTML will also provide your site with a good foundation to excel in Google. While designing and coding your website it's important that your code be as lean as possible, so excessive use of technologies such JavaScript, Flash, and other scripting languages will have an impact on your overall success.
After reading all these articles and scouring the web for as much information as possible you will have grasped the fundamentals, but its important to stay informed on the latest trends, both from Google itself, and the massive industry that has spawned around it.

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SEO Google | SEO Services | SEO Links | Google Site Rank | SEO using Google AdWords