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Cheap Granite Worktops are proud to boast that we co-own a granite processing factory oversees and have cut out all the above middle men, and deliver luxury granite worktops at a truely affordable everyday price, whilst adhering to strict quality control proceedures – thus enabling us to deliver to you our customer a quality product we are truly proud of. Cheap Granite Worktops Company Designs a kitchen of your dreams as you want it, the best and cheapest online granite store that makes you to work with your creativity. At Cheap Granite Worktops Company webiste you can Choose from an exclusive range of granite worktops and granite countertops for your kitchen and workplaces to make people envy you and gather much-appreciated compliments for your home. Cheap Granite Worktops is the top online granite supplier in UK with the best of our services for you. So don’t think much of how to remodel your kitchen. We are here to give your dreams the wings of reality. Select from our variety of granite marbles to create radiance all over your house. Visit our store and find the best marble stones in different colors at the most discount rates in UK. We deal in UK for all kind of worktops like Kitchen Worktops with solid composite surfaces that give a natural look and feel, as it’s a natural stone.

Absolute Black

Star Galaxy

Absolute Black Cheap GraniteBlack granite with a very dark grey fleck running throughout.Highly rated granite which seemingly goes with anything.

Star Galaxy Cheap GraniteBlack granite with a gold / bronze fleck. One of the most popular worktops of all time which works well with all kitchens.

Baltic Brown

Black Pearl

Baltic Brown Cheap GraniteBrown granite with pearl like effect. Exquisite beauty and virbrant colours make this an exciting choice of worktop.

Black pearl Cheap GraniteBlack granite with dark pearl pattern. A different type of black, this one will truly stand out of the crowd.


Sea Wave

Star Light Cheap GraniteBlack quartz composite with silver mirrored flecks throughout. Stunning composite worktop ideale for those with a taste for something a bit special.

Sea Wave Cheap GraniteLight grey granite with light blue swirl effect. Completely unique Brazillian granite worktop which looks stunning in large pieces.

Cheap Granite Worktops | Granite | Kitchen Worktops Laminate | Kitchen Units | Granite Worktops UK