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To give your kitchen a luxurious look and feel our complete range of granite marble and worktops come in various styles and colours. Granite worktops and kitchen worktops supplied by us will change the look and feel of your home, not only by giving it an amazing look but also a luxury feel and be very fashionable.

Granite worktops are the latest craze in designer kitchens and by adding a granite worktop to your kitchen in replace of a standard kitchen worktop will increase the value of your property. This marble worktop is the perfect replacement for standard kitchen worktops.  

Our range of granite worktops listed below are a small amount compared to the amount of granite we can and do supply each and every home in the UK. By ordering granite worktops from us you can relax to know you will be looked after every step of the way, from ordering to delivery and fitting the granite worktops.

Granite comes in different colour, styles and textures and we have shortlisted below some of our range of granite to suit your requirements.  The granite range comes in the following:

Absolute Black

Star Galaxy

Absolute Black Cheap GraniteBlack granite with a very dark grey fleck running throughout.Highly rated granite which seemingly goes with anything.

Star Galaxy Cheap GraniteBlack granite with a gold / bronze fleck. One of the most popular worktops of all time which works well with all kitchens.

Baltic Brown

Black Pearl

Baltic Brown Cheap GraniteBrown granite with pearl like effect. Exquisite beauty and virbrant colours make this an exciting choice of worktop.

Black pearl Cheap GraniteBlack granite with dark pearl pattern. A different type of black, this one will truly stand out of the crowd.


Sea Wave

Star Light Cheap GraniteBlack quartz composite with silver mirrored flecks throughout. Stunning composite worktop ideale for those with a taste for something a bit special.

Sea Wave Cheap GraniteLight grey granite with light blue swirl effect. Completely unique Brazillian granite worktop which looks stunning in large pieces.

Granite uk | Granite suppliers | Granite worktop UK | Wholesale Granite | Granite London
Granite UK

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